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Dr Michael Hafkey of Hafkey Chiropractic, a Mesa AZ Chiropractor & RN, - Located in Downtown Mesa since 1991, across from the Mesa Arts Center. Specializes in Auto Accidents, Work and Sports Injuries. Offers in office exams, X-rays, physical therapy, rehab, and massage therapy for adults and children. No out of pocket costs with qualifying insurance, and for most auto accidents and work injuries.Quality healthcare for the whole family.
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Why Chiropractic Care is Important to your Health

Chiropractic care is often underrated. That’s probably because many people out there don’t understand why it is essential to everybody’s wellness. Are you one of those people who don’t take Chiropractic care with the seriousness that it deserves? Have you ever walked into a clinic that offers Chiropractic care? If the answer to any of

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Some Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

Back pain, neck discomfort and headaches could be reasons to seek chiropractic care. This article is based on reporting that features expert sources. EVERY YEAR, MILLIONS OF people in the U.S. see chiropractors for relief of an array of ailments. "Chiropractors utilize treatments, including joint manipulation, physical therapy modalities, patient education, manual therapy, nutrition and

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Joint Health

Human joints come in many shapes and sizes and allow us to move and carry out normal activities of daily living. Without joints, we would be rigid and immobile. But they are also often injured, causing pain and discomfort. Almost 80% of injury-related healthcare visits (that's about 65.8 million visits per year) are the result

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5 Benefits Of Going To The Chiropractor

We’ve all had those days where we are in pain but can’t decide if now is finally the time to visit a chiropractor. Maybe we don’t think it is serious enough, or perhaps we’re still not convinced of the benefits of going to the chiropractor. Whether you’ve been to a chiropractor a handful of times

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The Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor

504717 Many people believe that it is only beneficial to see a chiropractor to alleviate a misaligned back. Despite popular belief, however, there are a variety of benefits from going to the chiropractor. Some are more obvious than others, but all can be enjoyed with regular chiropractic visits. Pain Relief What many don’t

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Best Approaches To Manage Back Pain

Many people experience back pain as the result of strenuous exercise, poor posture, a chronic condition, or an accumulation of physical stressors. Back pain can pose as an inconvenience to daily routine and can make favorite and necessary activities painful. Fortunately, there are several best approaches to managing your pain that you can achieve in

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Take a Hike

Young couple hiking outside in sunny winter mountains What is so enticing about hiking? Perhaps it is the sense of freedom while heading toward a wondrous destination; or soaking in the vast beauty of nature as you do something healthy and fulfilling; or maybe it is inhaling clean, fresh air while shedding stress

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