How to Deal With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is amazing. For one thing, you’re growing a whole new person. For another, you’ve discovered aches and pains you didn’t know were possible. Such joy! On your laundry list of pregnancy discomforts, back pain probably features prominently. It’s an all-too-common side effect of pregnancy, says Ob/Gyn Amy Stephens, MD. Here’s how to manage when

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Bad Habits That Cause Joint Pains

Joint Pains Most people fall in the trap of treating an ailment rather than finding ways to prevent the complication. Some conditions such as joint pains may occur naturally from within your system, but some causes may very much be avoided. Your lifestyle may be the cause of future ailments you may encounter. The harsh

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Sports injury: Help you can get from a chiropractor

Being an athlete and sports a big part of your life you get prone to injuries and experience discomfort in playing sports. Playing sports has numerous demands of participation that include running, jumping and tackling. In times of injury putting your body through these activities can result in discomfort, painful tears, sprains, and strains. If

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21 Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

504717 Although millions of people around the world have experienced the benefits, there is still a lot of misconception about it. Many people visit a chiropractor because they are in pain, have poor posture, seeking injury prevention or pain relief. Our goal is to educate you on the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment,

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